How the reducer noise is generated

During the operation of the reducer, different faults may exist.The cause of each problem is different.Then we often encounter the noise of the reducer, the parts of the reducer.It has a lot of noise.We are discussing the noise of gear reducer in Jiangsu reducer market.We will analyze the situation in detail for you.There are several factors in the formation of noise in gear reducers.It's easier to run at high speed, so let's find out why, the precision of the gear, but we can improve its precision, make it less noisy, its gear surface is not very smooth, improve the smoothness of the gear surface and reduce friction.The spacing between the gears is too small.We can widen the interval between them.The larger the interval, the smaller the corresponding noise.During use, the speed should not be too fast and the load is very high.This can generate a small amount of noise, and the low noise also indicates normal mechanical operation.Life has some help, too.