Principles of safe use of reducer

Nowadays, the R&D department is gradually paying more attention to this industry. In fact, our country can be said to be rightReducerThere are many needs, and it is precisely because of this that reducer products will also become common equipment in industrial production.

  1. If there are explosive factors in the surrounding environment, please use explosion-proof motors suitable for dangerous occasions.Otherwise, explosion, fire, fire, electric shock, injury and damage to the machine may occur.Handling, installation and wiring, operation, maintenance and other operations must be carried out by personnel with professional knowledge and technology.

  2. Do not work in a live state, and be sure to turn off the power.Otherwise there is a danger of electric shock.When this motor is used in a person riding and landing device, for the sake of safety, please install a safety protection device on the riding and landing device.When checking the tooth surface condition in the stopped state, be sure to stop the driving machine and the driven machine.

  3. When used in a lifting device, for safety reasons, please install a safety device to prevent falling off on the lifting device.If the machine needs to be hoisted during transportation, be careful that no one is under the machine.Never approach or touch the rotating part while the motor is running.There is a risk of being caught and injured.Do not touch the rotating part during inspection while it is running, as there is a risk of being caught in the machine and causing injury.

  4. When entering the inside of the stopped machine for inspection, be sure to stop the driver and the driven machine, and wait until the inside of the machine is completely cooled, and then carry out the inspection under the condition of continuous ventilation.During the internal inspection process, a safety confirmation officer should always be deployed outside to keep in touch with the operator to confirm safety.In addition, the inside of the device becomes abnormally slippery due to the lubricant, so take exact safety measures.Before starting the machine, be sure to close the safety cover that was once opened during the inspection.