Promoting factors for the improvement of the use level of the reducer

With the development of society,ReducerThe water bottle has gradually improved, so what are the main factors that promote the improvement of the level of the reducer?

  1. The theoretical knowledge is becoming more and more perfect and closer to reality (such as gear strength calculation method, modification technology, deformation calculation, optimization design method, smooth transition of tooth root, new structure, etc.);

  2. Use good materials, generally use various high-quality alloy steel forgings, and improve the quality control level of materials and heat treatment;

  3. The structure design is more reasonable;

  4. The machining accuracy is improved to ISO5-6 level;

  5. The bearing quality and life are improved;

  6. The quality of lubricating oil is improved.

  ReducerIn line with the development of the times, we need to pay more attention to the use of reducers in our lives.