How to cancel the abnormal operation of the reducer

As long as it is a machine, there will be one kind of failure or another, and small problems will inevitably be encountered.when we meetReducerWhat should I do if it doesn't work properly?

  1. Use a special disassembly tool to disassemble the balance wheel bearing, adjust the angle of the balance wheel bearing so that the driving device and the installation plane are on the same vertical plane, and the upper and lower balance wheels should contact both ends of the guide rail uniformly.Check to see if something is holding down the rail movement.

  2. Adjust the spacing between the sides of the gear, and adjust the size gap between 0.5-1.25mm.Different pressure rollers should be uniformly pressed on the opposite side of the gear rack.

  3. The relevant inspection equipment detects the contact movement of each gear, and uses the lead pressing method and the coloring method to detect the gear meshing.

  4. Make necessary adjustments to the undesired position.The focus of the adjustment is the fine tuning of the gears.

  5. The smaller the contact area of ​​the gear, the more easily the gear and rack are damaged.

  As can be seen from the above, when usingReducerAvoid abnormal meshing of gears, incorrect contact methods, and long-term contact of the rollers.