Attention to the assembly process of the reducer

For mechanical equipment,ReducerPart assembly refers to the assembly work of the product before it enters the final assembly. It is the work of combining more than two reducer parts, or combining the reducer parts with several components to become an assembly unit.

  Check the variety and quantity of the assembly parts: prepare and inspect the necessary assembly tools and testing tools, and provide the required assembly aids.Clean and clean the parts of the reducer, remove burrs, rust, chips, oil and other dirt on the parts of the reducer, so that the parts of the reducer can meet the cleanliness requirements.Repair work such as scraping and other parts for some parts, and some need to carry out balance test, leakage test and air tightness test.

  The assembly work is more complex. The assembly of the product: the work includes two processes: partial assembly and final assembly.After it is divided into F assembly units, parallel assembly operations can be organized in the assembly work to expand the assembly work surface, and the assembly line will be organized for production tomorrow, or it is convenient for collaborative production: at the same time, each assembly unit can be pre-adjusted and tested. Some of them are sent to the final assembly in a relatively perfect state, which is conducive to ensuring the quality of production and incentives.Therefore, dividing the product into several assembly units is the basic measure to shorten the assembly cycle and ensure the assembly quality.