Analysis of the reasons for the noise of the reducer

ReducerNoise will be generated during use. If you want to reduce the noise of the reducer, you must know the cause of the noise.ReducerThe noise is due to the vibration caused by the periodic alternating force generated by the meshing of the internal gears on the bearing and the box during its operation.

  (XNUMX) The influence of gear machining error on noise.Reducing and controlling gear noise is the fundamental to reduce reducer noise.In order to reduce gear noise, it is necessary to consider both structural design and gear accuracy.

  1. Requirements for low-noise gear structure design.The effect of gear structure design on noise is very important. The ideal design is to maximize the bending strength of the gear teeth, choose a larger displacement coefficient and appropriate helix angle to increase the meshing coefficient, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing noise .

  2. The influence of gear manufacturing accuracy on noise.For the standard series reducer, the manufacturing precision of the gear determines its noise value.The main function of the reducer gear is to transmit speed and torque. Therefore, its gear manufacturing accuracy is required, and its working stability level is the main.Gears with a higher level of working stability not only have a long service life, but also have low impact and vibration in transmission and low noise. Therefore, limiting the working stability error of the gear is the key to reducing gear noise.

  (XNUMX) The influence of work stability accuracy on noise.The accuracy of the working stability of the gear is to limit the change of the instantaneous speed ratio of the gear. The error is the angle error that occurs many times per revolution of the gear, which causes the gear to collide and vibrate during the meshing process, thereby generating the noise of the gear. A high-frequency impact sound.The factors that affect the smoothness of work for a gear are its base pitch error and its involute tooth profile error.

  (XNUMX) The influence of the contact accuracy of the gear on the noise.The comprehensive index for evaluating the contact accuracy of gears is contact spots, and gears with poor contact will be noisy.The reasons for the unsatisfactory gear contact are: the tooth orientation error affects the contact in the tooth length direction, and the base pitch deviation and the tooth profile error affect the contact in the tooth height direction.

  (XNUMX) The influence of the motion accuracy of the gear on the noise.The motion accuracy of the gear refers to the accuracy of the transmission motion, that is, the maximum error value of the rotation angle error per revolution of the gear cannot exceed a certain limit.Since the motion accuracy of the gear is a large periodic error (one revolution of the gear), the accumulated error caused by the radial runout of the gear ring within one revolution of the gear will generate low-frequency noise. Gear meshing impact and angular velocity changes, the noise increases significantly and a "rumbling" sound is issued.

  (XNUMX) The influence of the eccentric weight of the wheel body on the noise.The eccentric and heavy gear of the wheel body produces unbalanced centrifugal force during meshing operation. It is a kind of alternating stress, which will cause the vibration of the wheel train and generate noise. Therefore, it is necessary to check the dynamic balance of the wheel body.