Basic working principle of reducer

Before operating the reducer, the operator must understandReducerIn order to understand the principle more accurately and clearly, the following explanations are made for you:

  1. The reducer can work continuously, even for XNUMX hours, and can run forward and reverse;

  2. In addition, it has to be mentioned that the direction of the output shaft of the single-stage reducer is opposite to the direction of the input shaft, but the output shaft of the double-stage reducer is the same as the input shaft;

  3. The reducer has no self-locking effect;

  4. The output shaft of the reducer cannot accept the axial force;

  5. In the application occasions that can show the appearance of overload, it is better to install the overload protection device;

  6. The foot plate type horizontal cycloidal pinwheel reducer should be installed on the basis of no vibration and a very solid level. In the application occasions where the skew device is necessary, the skewness of the reducer axis line should not be greater than ±15.