Common problems and maintenance methods of reducer

ReducerOccasionally there are some problems in the process of use, so how can maintenance of the reducer reduce the occurrence of failures?

  First, the operating temperature of the reducer is suitable between 0-50 degrees;

  Second, after the use time reaches 100 hours, the gear oil on the machine should be replaced immediately, and the oil can be replaced once after 2000 hours;

  Third, when the reducer needs to be disassembled, do not hit it with a hammer at will, causing damage to the equipment.

  Next, let's analyze the common faults of the reducer:

  1. Long-term use, the bearing chamber of the reducer will be damaged.

  2. The gear bearing of the reducer is worn, and the main wear locations are the shaft head, the speed change keyway, etc.

  3. The active bearing part of the transmission device of the reducer is damaged.

  4. There is leakage at the joint surface of the reducer.