Different series of helical gear reducers have different functions

1. R series helical gear reducer.This kind of reducer is small in size, light in weight, strong in load performance, high in work efficiency, long in service life, simple and convenient in installation, wide range of motor power settings, and fast in rotation speed, and is widely used in deceleration equipment.

  2. S series worm reducer.The installation form of the motor of the helical gear turbine reducer is directly connected, and the main structure is the rotation of the first-stage helical gear and the first-stage turbine.The surface of the helical gear is made of hard teeth, the running speed is stable, the load performance is strong, and the temperature of the operating environment is from minus 10 degrees to 60 degrees.

  3. K series arc reducer.Its output method is shaft-mounted, and there are six output forms in total, which can run in both positive and negative directions.Compared with similar products, it has the advantages of wider range of speed variation, tighter structure and more convenient installation.Such reducers are used in metallurgy, light industry, mining, chemical industry, and transportation industries.