Pay attention to three points in the installation and adjustment of the reducer

In the process of equipment processing and use, mechanical installation and adjustment are very important, among whichReducerSpecial attention should be paid to the installation and adjustment of the reducer. We will introduce the installation and adjustment of the reducer in detail from the following three points.

  1. In order to ensure the assembly accuracy of the reducer, we do not need to start the machine during installation, and do not damage the sealing and filling. You can check by opening the oil cap or wash the anti-rust grease on the surface of the gear with kerosene.High level, high performance.Cylindrical gears are generally carburized, quenched and ground, and the bearing capacity is increased by more than 4 times, with small size, light weight, low noise, high efficiency and high reliability.

  2. An elastic coupling can also be used between the reducer and the coupling parts such as the motor or the main engine, or a gear coupling or other non-rigid coupling can be used.Building block combination design.The basic parameters adopt the priority number, the dimensions are neat, the parts are versatile and interchangeable, and the series is easy to expand and refurbish, which is conducive to organizing mass production and reducing costs.

  3. The reducer should be installed stably and firmly, and the base adjustment gasket must be solid.The deviation of the coaxiality with the coupling shall not be greater than the allowable value of the coupling used.Diversified types and many variant designs.It got rid of the traditional single base installation method, and added different types such as hollow shaft suspension type, floating support base, integrated connection of motor and reducer, and multi-directional installation surface to expand the scope of use.