The necessity of injecting lubricating oil into the reducer

1. No lubricating oil with unqualified quality can be injected under any circumstances.

  2. If the reducer is lubricated with grease, it is usually filled with grease before the reducer leaves the factory.


  4. When adding lubricating oil to the acceleration pole, the height of the oil level should not exceed the upper limit of the oil mark, and of course not lower than the lower limit of the oil mark; The oil level is high, so that the same kind of lubricating oil can be replenished in time.

  5. One-half to one-third of the volume of the reducer itself is a standard for the load of lubricating oil. It should be noted that the grease cannot be added in excess, otherwise it will inevitably lead to the condition of stirring heat.

  6. When the reducer runs for XNUMX hours for the first time, it is the first time to replace the lubricating oil. It is worth noting that when replacing it, the related residual dirt and oil stains must be removed first.The basis for the replacement issue is that if the daily workload is more than ten hours, then it is best to do it every three months; if the daily work is intermittently less than ten hours, it can be implemented for six months. Replace once.

  7. The grease is usually replaced every six months.

  8. If the reducer does not work for a long time due to some reasons, then the lubricating oil or grease must be replaced when it is put into work again.