Analysis on the Standardization Development of Reducer Manufacturing and Its Main Products

1. Guiding ideology

Establish and implement the scientific concept of development, use advanced and applicable standards and technologies to serve the development of the national economy, actively adopt international standards, narrow the gap, strive to keep pace with international standards, and substantially participate in international standardization work.


2. Work goals

Strengthen and intensify the adoption of international standards, promote industrial transformation and upgrading and product upgrading at the standard level, and enhance its market competitiveness.

Research on the formulation of modular reducer standards, in which the standardization of invisible modules is used as a breakthrough to realize the modular manufacturing of enterprises.

Strengthen the management of enterprise standards and the strength and procedures for level confirmation to ensure the uniformity and seriousness of enterprise standards.Before 2010, the standard selection work of all standards should be completed, and it will be fully in line with international standards.