How should the CVT be installed, used and lubricated?

Installation, use and lubrication

XNUMX. Installation:

1. When the output shaft is installed with couplings, pulleys, sprockets, etc., do not hit hard.Apply the tapped hole at the outer end of the output shaft, screw in the screw, and press in the coupling.

2. When installing the base-type continuously variable transmission on the foundation, the installation centerline elevation, levelness and related dimensions of the connected parts should be calibrated, and the coaxiality of the calibrated transmission shaft should not exceed the allowable range of the coupling.

3. The vertical MB CVT can be installed at any angle, and the oil level must exceed the center line of the oil mark on the higher side.


1. Before use, the CVT and the reducer should be added with the specified lubricating oil respectively.

2. The working environment temperature of MB CVT should not exceed 40℃, and the working oil temperature surface should not exceed 70℃.For example, when the input speed is higher and the new machine is used, there will be a slightly higher temperature rise. After 80 hours of saturated operation, the temperature rise will gradually decrease. After that, the temperature rise will be 20°C-25°C above the ambient temperature and maintain a stable temperature rise. .

3. The speed of the MB continuously variable speed changer must be adjusted when the machine is turned on, otherwise the parts will be damaged.

4. When the stepless speed changer leaves the factory, the speed regulation limit screw has been adjusted to the limit position, and it should not be adjusted arbitrarily to avoid damage to the parts.

5. The CVT shall not exceed the rated torque T.

6. The continuously variable speed changer is suitable for forward and reverse operation.

7. If the motor is replaced, the motor flange with the original oil seal should be retained to prevent the lubricating oil from sliding into the motor.

XNUMX. Lubrication:

1. The special lubricating oil for MB continuously variable transmission must use Ub-1 or Ub-3 traction fluid. In any case, make sure that the traction fluid is provided according to the oil standard.After the transmission works for 500 hours, the traction fluid should be replaced, and the traction fluid should be replaced after another 1000 hours of operation, and then every 2000 working hours or so.

2. The first-grade gear part of MB is lubricated with grease. Molybdenum disulfide grease has been added before leaving the factory. Generally, the grease should be replaced every 12 to 18 months.