How to repair and install the reducer

1. Before installing the traveling reducer, first carry out visual inspection and necessary inspection to confirm that the appearance of the reducer is not damaged and there is no oil leakage.

2. Check the nameplate of the reducer to make sure that the safe operating voltage of the reducer matches the power supply voltage. If the power supply voltage is unstable or does not match, a transformer or voltage stabilizer should be installed.

3. Confirm that the model and function of the reducer are consistent with the design.

4. Check the fixed frame of the reducer and install it in the specified installation method to avoid loosening during use.

5. If matching couplings, keys, etc. are required, install them in accordance with the regulations.

6. Check whether the specified lubricating grease has been injected into the reducer, and there is no need to replace the lubricating oil after 1.2 hours.

7. During the working process of the reducer, its rated current cannot exceed the current value indicated on the nameplate.