Overview of the basic content of the reducer

Travel reducer is an ideal drive device for wheeled or tracked vehicles and other mobile equipment.In addition, it can be applied wherever there is movement and rotation.Due to its particularly compact structure, it can also be used in extremely difficult installation environments.

Application fields of travel reducer: for excavator crawler drive; for airport vehicle wheel drive; for garbage compaction vehicle wheel drive; for harvester wheel drive; for road roller travel drive; for drilling equipment crawler drive .

The product has withstood the test in harsh environments, showing its high performance.Slewing reducers have been widely used in various excavators, cranes, ship loading and unloading devices, construction machinery equipment, and all rotating equipment.Because of the particularly compact structure of the device.It is therefore particularly suitable for installation in space-saving equipment.Due to the use of hardened gears and nitrided ring gears, as well as the high quality of the production process, the product guarantees a very good load-carrying capacity, reliable operation and low noise.The gear system is designed according to the L+S calculation program, which is safe and reliable.