Talk about what the screw lift mechanism is like?

The screw lift mechanism is composed of a worm gear reducer and a lifting screw, and its deceleration component is a worm drive, which uses the worm to drive the worm wheel to achieve deceleration.The center of the worm gear is an internal thread structure, which is equivalent to the nut of the lifting screw, which matches the lifting screw.

  The lifting speed of the reducer is equal to the input speed of the worm divided by the reduction ratio of the worm gear, and then multiplied by the pitch of the lifting screw.Shanghai Manlu's screw is still OK.Due to its structure, this kind of screw lift article comes from: generally lubricated with grease, some series are lubricated with lubricating oil, which has the advantages of longer life and stable operation than the series lubricated with grease.