Why does the reducer have axial displacement?

The two end faces of the reducer gear should be perpendicular to the axis, and the plane formed by the symmetrical center points of the left and right helical gears should also be perpendicular to the axis. However, there will be certain errors in the actual processing and assembly of the gears. After the zigzag gear is assembled on the shaft, the closed loop formed by the symmetrical center point of the left and right helical gears is not a plane perpendicular to the axis, but a curved surface, and the trajectory of the curved surface rotating around the axis is an irregular wavy curve. Two different gear rotation trajectories are two different curves.During the operation of a pair of gears meshing with each other, their symmetrical center lines must coincide, then, the symmetrical center curves of the pair of herringbone gears will overlap and superimpose during the gear meshing process, and the result will inevitably have peaks and valleys superimposed, that is The phenomenon of accumulation of errors results in the axial displacement of the gear shaft.

  It can be seen from the above that the axial displacement of the reducer is caused by the superposition of the two end face axes. The reducer manufacturer should pay attention to this point in the design and production to ensure that the reducer can be used for a long time.