How to purchase the right screw lift

The screw lift is usually connected to the motor or reducer for continuous use. Because the environment where it is used is mostly public places, there are higher requirements for the procurement of such products, instead of using the coordinate lift as an ordinary production equipment. to purchase.The lead screw elevator is widely used, and various lead screw elevators are also coming, and the elevator is also made of aluminum alloy. It is recognized by everyone because of its light weight, small size, flexible and convenient operation, and beautiful appearance. There have been many on the market. Types of aluminum alloy lifts, everyone needs to distinguish and filter when purchasing, in fact, it is not much different from purchasing ordinary lifts.Screw lifts should not be blindly purchased, and sufficient market research and on-the-spot investigation should be done to determine the size of the company and its reputation.
Based on the information surveyed above, choose a large screw lift machine with high cost performance and good reputation, and choose from the technical parameters of the product, as well as practicability and versatility.Usually there are many kinds of screw lifts, including (scissor type, cylinder type, multi-column type, crank arm type lift), etc.; the technical parameters and uses of each are slightly different, but there are also many similar functions. Therefore, as a customer, you should make a purposeful purchase, that is, what do you want to do when you buy a lift machine, and which lift machine can meet your needs and have many uses.
The last point is that after the equipment arrives, check whether the random technical data is complete, whether the random accessories, tools and accessories are consistent with the list, whether the equipment and accessories are damaged, defective, etc., and make a record of unpacking and acceptance.To improve the production efficiency of screw elevators, the demand for high-speed ball screws and linear guides will also increase rapidly, providing strong support for the development of high-performance machine tools.