Common troubleshooting methods for screw elevators

For different products, they may have different structure types, so forScrew liftFor example, they also have different product types, so now let's introduce their product types! For screw lifts, their structure types can have two forms, for the first screw lift The type is a lead screw which is a type that performs both rotation and axial movement.Another type is the lead screw as a rotary motion.The nuts on the lead screw are of the type that move axially; for the first lead screw lift, they also have a different type of assembly for each structure type.

  During the use of screw elevators, they often have some common faults, so what are their treatment methods for these common faults? In the process of use, sometimes there will be some noise phenomenon, Then the reason for such a failure is that the splits of the worm are unevenly anatomical. If there is some noise during the slow process of the machine, then the possible cause is some quality problems of the bearing.If the oil temperature is too high or the cause of the blockage occurs when using the screw lift, we all know that during the normal working process of the screw lift, their maximum temperature cannot exceed XNUMX degrees. During the process, when there are some phenomena of excessive temperature, we should stop the machine and check it.

  If there is some vibration in the screw lift during the production process, this may be some problems during the installation of the screw lift.