Analysis of common problems of worm gear reducer

forWorm gear reducerIn other words, they are a kind of power transmission mechanism. Their working principle is to use some gear speed converters, and then reduce the number of revolutions of the motor to the number of revolutions we need, and allow us to get the maximum torque. In today's mechanisms for transmitting power and motion, the use of worm gear reducers should be quite extensive, but in the process of use, we will inevitably have some small faults or small problems, then Let's summarize some common problems in the use of worm gear reducer!

  When using the worm gear reduction mechanism, one of the most common problems is that our machinery has some heating and oil leakage phenomena. During the use of the worm gear reduction mechanism, they are in the sliding process. Often friction Yes, we all know that friction can generate a lot of heat, and this heat will be transferred with the device. At this time, our oil temperature will continue to rise, and then the oil quality will gradually become thinner, and it is easy to form leaks. .For such a phenomenon, they require a more reasonable match between materials. In addition, our surface quality of the friction surface will be higher. For the quality of lubricating oil, we need to use better quality lubricating oil. .

  In the process of using the worm gear reducer, for the wear of the worm gear, they will continue to wear during the use process. For these worm gears, their wear is relatively low. Generally, one original can use ten time of year.