What is the specific role of the worm gear reducer in the mechanical device?

For each product, they have their own main role, so forWorm gear reducerWhat is their main function? We all know that for such a product, they are mainly used in mechanical devices, so in the actual use process, what are the specific features of worm gear reducers in mechanical devices? What's the role? Next, we will invite professional personnel to give us a specific introduction! I hope that the introduction of experts will play an important role in our actual production.

  All of us may be relatively unfamiliar with machinery, so we will not be very familiar with the internal structure of machinery, so for a machinery, most of them are composed of three parts. The first part is the power machine, the second part is the reducer, the third part is the working mechanism, and for different machines, they may have some other accessories, then in the mechanical structure, the worm gear reducer has What is the important role?

  For worm gear reducers, their function can be to control the deceleration or speed change of the power machine, in order to meet the needs of the working machine; in addition, in order to meet the needs of the working mechanism, they can also change the output torque of the power machine; in addition Worm gear reducers can transmit one mechanical energy to several working machines, and they can also transmit the mechanical energy of several power machines to one working mechanism.Knowing all the above knowledge, then they will bring great convenience in our work.