How to deal with smoke when using worm gear reducer

Any kind of tool will fail in the process of use, which is unavoidable, but when it fails, if we do not have a way to find out the cause and solve the problem, this is our fault.Worm gear reducerIt is a tool that we often use. In the process of using it, it is also prone to various accidents. Among them, the easiest and most frequent accident is the sudden smoke, which often makes us feel bad. feeling.As a professional operator, when we encounter such a problem, what we should do is to find out the cause of the problem and solve the problem.

  There are two cases of smoke from the worm gear reducer, one is black smoke, and the other is white smoke.The two situations are different, and the reasons for this are different, so we analyze them separately.First, let's take a look at a situation.If the machine emits black smoke, this is usually caused by a problem with the filter oil or a problem with the piston ring.To solve such a problem, either replace the oil of a new type, or replace the piston ring of the leaking part.

  After changing the oil or the piston ring, the problem of black smoke from the worm gear reducer has been solved, but if it is white smoke, then this method cannot solve the problem.So we want to do some simple understanding of the reasons for the white smoke.In fact, the reason why the machine has the problem of white smoke is related to the moisture problem of the fuel system, the problem of the cylinder, and the problem of the fuel injector.To solve the problem of moisture in the fuel system, stop the discharge of the storage tank and see if there is any moisture in it.The solution to the cylinder problem is to replace the cylinder parts.To solve the problem of the injector, it is also to check the injector.