Common problems and maintenance methods of worm gear reducer

Worm gear reducerAs a mechanical tool with compact structure, large transmission ratio and self-adjustment ability, it is the most common deceleration machine in our life.However, in the process of using it, we encountered some problems, some of which are common, and we can directly understand some simple maintenance methods.First of all, in the process of using the reducer, the worm wheel is the most likely to wear out, because the worm wheel is made of tin bronze, so the material is affected by the worm in the process of use, which is damaged, so It is prone to serious wear and tear. At this time, if we want to solve the problem, we need to replace the worm gear.If the damage of the worm gear is too fast and serious, we have to change the use environment.

  Secondly, in the process of using the worm gear reducer, the reducer is prone to heat and oil leakage. Because its worm is made of metal, it will generate heat due to sliding during use, causing heat generation. The phenomenon.After encountering such a situation.We need to replace the worm gear, or see if there is friction between the parts of the machine.

  In the process of using worm gear reducer, we will encounter many problems.In order for this reducer to have a better service life, everyone needs to pay attention to maintenance work in daily life.No matter if you encounter any problems, you should check the cause of the problem in time in the process of use, so that it can get a good use effect.Only when the maintenance work is done well, its performance will not be hurt, and its work efficiency can be guaranteed.We now have an understanding of his common problems, and we should pay attention to troubleshooting in the future use process.