What are the precautions for maintenance, maintenance and operation of the reducer

① All reducers are strictly prohibited to start with load.After replacing the accessories, it can only be used normally after running-in and load test.

  ② During the use of the reducer, pay close attention to the rotation flexibility of each transmission part, and notify the maintenance personnel in time for abnormal sounds and high temperature phenomena found during use.

  ③ Always check the tightening degree of the bolts and the oil quantity. When the oil level is lower than the lower mark of the oil dipstick, the maintenance personnel should be notified in time to replenish the oil.

  ④ In order to make the reducer easy to dissipate heat, the surface should be kept clean, and the ventilation holes should not be blocked.

  ⑤ The running reducer should be inspected once an hour, and pay attention to observe the oil supply (vertical cycloidal reducer) of the oil pump.For the reducer whose oil pipe is broken due to high oil temperature, a key inspection should be carried out.

  ⑥ The problems found in the operation of the reducer should be recorded in detail and carefully.