What are the efficiency characteristics of geared motors?How to determine a small deceleration

A small geared motor refers to an integrated body of a reducer and a motor (motor).Such an integrated body may also be commonly referred to as a gear motor or gear motor.Usually by a professional geared motor manufacturer, after integrated and assembled, it is supplied as a complete set with the motor.

Geared motors are characterized by high efficiency and reliability, long working life, easy maintenance, and a wide range of applications.Its series can be divided into single-stage, two-stage and three-stage gear reducer motors, and the installation and layout methods mainly include unfolding, coaxial and shunt.

The efficiency characteristics of the geared motor are as follows:

(1) The coaxial helical gear motor has compact structure, small volume, beautiful appearance and strong overload capacity.

(2) The transmission ratio is finely graded, the selection range is wide, the speed type spectrum is wide, and the range i=2-28800.

(3), low energy consumption, superior performance, the efficiency of the reducer is as high as XNUMX%, the vibration is small, and the noise is low.

(4) Strong versatility, easy to use and maintain, and low maintenance cost, especially for the production line, only a few internal transmission parts can be spared to ensure the maintenance and maintenance of the normal production of the entire line.

(5) It adopts a new type of sealing device, which has good protection performance and strong adaptability to the environment, and can work continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity.

(6) This series of products can match various motors such as ordinary Y series, Y2 series, hoisting motors, anti-riot motors, braking motors, variable frequency motors, DC motors, and outdoor special motors.

The selection of small geared motors first considers that the output speed (speed) meets the requirements of use, and then the output torque meets the requirements of use, and then considers the working voltage.Dimensions, installation structure, working conditions, etc.Due to the influence of the mechanical efficiency of the reducer, in the case of the same speed ratio, the increase of the output torque of the reducer motor is not proportional to the increase of the motor power, which needs attention.