Do you know what the oil leakage of the reducer is?

When the reducer is used, industrial enterprises are equipped with a large number of applied equipment. Once oil leaks, it will not only cause economic losses, but if the oil leakage is serious, it will cause the reducer to lose oil and cut off oil, which will aggravate the wear of the gear meshing surface, and then cause galling or peeling. ACCIDENT.Moreover, the oil leakage pollutes the surrounding environment severely and has a corrosive effect on the foundation, which not only destroys civilized production but also wastes a lot of lubricating oil that could be recovered and regenerated.The following editor will tell you about the reasons for the oil leakage of the reducer, and I hope it will be of some help to you.
In a closed reducer, the friction of each pair of gears will generate heat. According to Boyle’s law, as the operation time increases, the temperature in the reducer case gradually increases, while the volume of the reducer case increases. Therefore, the pressure in the box increases accordingly, and the lubricating oil in the box is splashed and sprinkled on the inner wall of the reducer box.Due to the strong permeability of oil, under the pressure in the tank, where the seal is not tight, the oil will seep out from there.The unreasonable structural design of the reducer causes oil leakage. For example, the designed reducer has no ventilation hood, and the reducer cannot achieve pressure equalization, resulting in higher and higher pressure in the box, and oil leakage occurs.Excessive amount of refueling, during the operation of the reducer, the oil pool is very agitated, and the lubricating oil splashes everywhere in the machine. .