Knowledge points to be determined when choosing a planetary gear reducer

Planetary gear reducerIt is very popular in the market. Many companies have recognized this kind of planetary gear reducer. It is not only highly recognized, but also has a good reputation in the hands of consumers. Planetary gear reducer is the main reducer that matches servo motors. Types, what factors need to be determined when choosing?The specific details are as follows:
When choosing a planetary gear reducer, it is necessary to determine the reduction ratio of the reducer. If the standard reducer does not have the reduction ratio you need, please choose the closest one or customize the reducer from our company.The single-stage reduction of the planetary reducer is 3, and the maximum is generally not more than 10. The common reduction ratio is: 3/4/5/6/8/10, and the number of reducer stages is generally not more than 3, but some large reduction ratios are customized for reduction. The machine has 4 levels of deceleration.Compared with other reducers, planetary reducers have high rigidity, high precision (single-stage can be achieved within 1 minute), high transmission efficiency (single-stage at 97%-98%), high torque/volume ratio, lifetime maintenance-free, etc. Features.
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