Material selection and heat treatment process introduction of bevel gear reducer

According to the characteristics of the working conditions of the bevel gear reducer, the material used for the gear should not only have sufficient strength, hardness and wear resistance, but also have good resistance to low cycle fatigue and impact resistance.From the analysis results of the imported mining machinery, the steels used in foreign mining machinery gears are basically Ni-Cr and Ni-Cr-Mo low-carbon alloy steels, which have good strength, toughness and manufacturability.In the past, most of the bevel gears of the bevel gear reducer in the loading mechanism of the domestic roadheader used 20CrMnTi and 30CrMnTi. Although these two steels have high strength, they have poor toughness and are prone to broken teeth. Especially after 30CrMnTi carburizing and quenching, the core has high hardness and tooth The surface and transition zone are almost all hardened, and the bending fatigue strength and impact toughness are greatly reduced.
The gears of the bevel gear reducer are low-speed heavy-duty gears, and the transmission torque of the gear pair is 7660.93Nm. In order to achieve the purpose of reducing the volume and increasing the bearing capacity as much as possible under the impact and heavy-load conditions, after investigation and research and several representative local and foreign countries. After the analysis and calculation of the model, we selected the high-quality German new developed Glingenberg cycloid-quasi-involute spiral bevel tooth system. Part of it belongs to equal-height teeth, which can be processed and manufactured by coal plant in coal system. After the hard tooth surface is scraped, the bearing capacity and accuracy of the gear can be improved. It is different from the general American Gleason spiral bevel tooth system. The curve is an arc, and the tooth height is a shrinking type.Under the condition that the outer cone distance Re remains unchanged, that is, the volume of the reducer is basically the same, the strength calculation of the two gear pairs is carried out. Mori tooth system.