Advantages and disadvantages of various types of reducers

The worm gear reducer is composed of an input worm and an output worm gear. It is characterized by high transmission torque, high reduction ratio and large scale. The reduction ratio of single-stage transmission is 5 to 100; It is not easy, and the transmission power is the lowest, not exceeding 60%.Because of the relative sliding friction transmission, the worm gear reducer has a slightly lower change rigidity value, and the transmission components are simply worn out, the operating life is short, and the reducer is prone to temperature rise, so the allowable input speed is not high (2,000rpm), all of which are The application of worm gear and worm is restricted.
Help the servo motor to increase the torque: the technical development of the servo motor, from high torque density to high power density, makes the speed increase higher than 3000rpm, because the increase of the speed, the power density of the servo motor is greatly improved.This means that whether the servo motor needs to be equipped with a reducer, the determining factors are mainly examined from the consideration of application requirements and cost.This is required when it is necessary to move the load and fine positioning is required.Generally such as aviation, satellite, medical, military technology, wafer equipment, robots and other automation equipment.Their common feature is that the torque required to move the load often far exceeds the torque capacity of the servo motor itself.This problem can be effectively solved by increasing the output torque of the servo motor through the reducer.
The method of increasing the output torque may choose to directly increase the output torque of the servo motor, but this method not only needs to use valuable magnetic materials, but also the motor must have a more robust structure, and the increase in torque is proportional to the increase in the control current. At this time, a relatively large driver is selected, and the standard of power electronic components and related electromechanical equipment increases, which will greatly increase the cost of the control system.
Increasing the power of the servo motor is also a method of increasing the output torque. By adding twice the speed of the servo motor, the power density of the servo system can be doubled, and there is no need to add standards for control system components such as drivers, that is, no need to add extra cost.And this requires the deployment of the reducer to achieve the intention of "decelerating and increasing the torque".Therefore, in the development of high-power servo motors, it is necessary to deploy the reducer instead of omitting it.
The basic structure of the harmonic gear reducer is composed of a rigid inner gear ring, a flexible outer gear ring and a harmonic generator.The working principle is constructed with the harmonic generator as the input member, the rigid inner gear ring as the fixed member, and the flexible outer gear ring as the output.Among them, the material of the flexible outer gear ring is special, the inner and outer walls are thin, and it is the technical core of this type of reducer. At present, there is no harmonic gear reducer manufacturer in Taiwan. "Reducer", the mechanical output characteristics are between the harmonic gear and the cycloid needle input, and the same can achieve zero backlash, which is the closest product to the harmonic gear reducer in the industry.
The characteristics of the harmonic reducer are its high transmission precision and low transmission backlash.The reduction ratio is high and the scale is large, and the reduction ratio of the single and transmission is 50 to 500.In addition, the transmission power is higher than that of the worm gear reducer, and the power of the single-stage transmission is 65-80% depending on the reduction ratio.Because it is a flexible transmission, the change rigidity is the lowest, the operating life of the flexible outer gear ring is short, and the reducer is simply heated and the temperature rises, so the allowable input speed is not high, and can only reach 2,000rpm, which is its biggest defect.