The difference between RV reducer, NRV reducer, and NMRV reducer

RV series reducer, the same refers to the aluminum alloy worm gear reducer, on the basis of the national standard GB0085-88 cylindrical worm gear and worm parameters, absorbs the most advanced technology at home and abroad, and has a unique "square box" shape structure , The box has a beautiful appearance and is made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting.It consists of a worm and a worm gear, with a compact structure, a large transmission ratio, and a transmission mechanism with a self-locking function under certain conditions. It is one of the most commonly used reducers and has small vibration, low noise and low energy consumption.There are the following three common marking methods: RV, NRV, NMRV, and their meanings are different.

RV is a general term. In general, we all say RV, and the acquiescence represents the reducer with flange input. What are the detailed requirements can be explained in text in the filler.
NRV, refers to the shaft input reducer, the output method is not required, the default is through-hole output. It can also cooperate with other output methods.
NMRV, refers to the reducer with flange input, the output method is not required, and the input is also a through-hole output.