What is the emergency stop braking method of the reducer

Generally, there are 3 methods for emergency stop braking of reducer: machine braking, generator braking and reverse braking, among which the fastest braking is reverse braking. Let's take a look at the requirements of this braking method.
1. To be able to handle the results better, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the reducer load and the specific requirements of its use.
2. The motor drive circuit controlled by the single-chip microcomputer needs to have the function of reverse connection of the power supply, such as a bridge circuit composed of 4 transistors, or a positive rotation circuit composed of relays.
3. When braking is required, the control circuit will switch the short circuit to the motor rotation mode. When the motor speed drops to 0, the power supply will be cut off during the rotation time. .The motor stops.It should be noted that due to the load change, the time required to reduce the motor speed from the initial reverse to 0 is not constant.
In addition, the reducer needs to be equipped with a speed sensor, otherwise it needs to use more complex control skills, such as adaptive control. At this time, you must grasp it well to achieve professional control.