Cause Analysis of Oil Leakage of Turbo Reducer

1. The pressure in the fuel tank rises. In the closed reducer, heat will be released when each pair of gears meshes in conflict. According to Boyle’s law, the temperature in the reducer will gradually increase with the lengthening of the operating time. , and the volume of the gear box remains unchanged, so the pressure in the box is increased accordingly, and the lubricating oil in the box is splashed and sprinkled on the inner wall of the gear box.Because the permeability of the oil is relatively strong, under the pressure in the tank, where the seal is not tight, the oil will seep out from there. 1.2 The unreasonable structural design of the reducer causes oil leakage. For example, the designed reducer does not have a ventilation hood, and the reducer cannot achieve pressure equalization, resulting in higher and higher pressure in the box, showing oil leakage. 1.3 Excessive amount of refueling During the operation of the reducer, the oil pool is stirred fiercely, and the lubricating oil splashes everywhere in the machine. If the amount of refueling is too much, a large amount of lubricating oil will accumulate on the shaft seal, joint surface, etc., resulting in leakage . 1.4 Improper maintenance process During equipment maintenance, oil leakage may also be caused due to incomplete removal of dirt on the joint surface, improper selection of sealant, reverse installation of seals, and failure to replace seals in time.